Saturday, 9 June 2012

View Object Bind Parameter pitfall

Well one get to a point in ADF development when it has been a long time since you've referenced the ADF Documentation and so I got to this pitfall with regards to Bind Parameters on View Objects. In my specific scenario I wanted to use Bind Parameters with wildcard values such as nulls amongst others. Hence, I discovered out of my ignorance that Bind Parameters get excluded when they have null values, unless they are marked as required parameters. After hours of debugging and struggle to get things working, everything started working suddenly after making all bind parameters required.

One of my colleagues also discovered another rule (as documented) with regards to view objects and bind parameters, but I'll provide those hints at another time...

Here it is:
Bind parameters marked as required can only be used in your main VO query. Those not marked as required can only be used in your View Criteria.
Thanks to Anilin Reddy!!

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