Wednesday, 14 December 2011

ADF Task Flow Input Parameter Definition common pitfall

When you define an input parameter to your ADF Task Flow and you get the following error on calling/loading the Task Flow:
javax.el.PropertyNotWritableException: Illegal Syntax for Set Operation
Then, you've probably forgot to set the value of the Input Parameter to:
I don't know why but I keep on forgetting this, hence I've recorded it here now.


  1. Did you check under the Input Parameter Definitions of your Task Flow (Overview Tab). There are four columns in the Input Parameter Definitions Table: *Name, Class, Value, Required. The Value column should have the following value: #{pageFlowScope.inputParameterName} , where inputParameterName is the name of your input parameter so please replace it with the correct parameter name.
    If you still find no joy with this error, delete the parameter and recompile everything and then try re-adding it again; like in taking a fresh approach. Sometimes starting fresh is the best option with ADF.


  2. Thanks a lot for this post. Your post saved my day. :)

  3. You have to pass the value of taskflow parameter from scopes like session, request ...etc