Friday, 19 August 2011

OraFormsFaces 3.1.7 and what appears to be a Forms Parameter not passed through

Today I was so relieved when I discovered that the OraFormsFaces Forms Parameter which I've added on my JSF page, is indeed working as it should.

Let me depict the scenario:
I wanted to implement a simple JSF page loading a form via OraFormsFaces with the Forms Instance configured to use the crypto user with the cipher key as stated in the OraFormsFaces 3.1.7 development guide. Obviously, I also implemented a FormsCredentialProvider custom Java class to facilitate the cipher key, username & password (proxy login, of course). However, everytime the form loads I get a Forms error indicating that the Forms parameter was not set.
LATER ON I figured out that this Forms Parameter gets set based on a query which requires a Global Forms Parameter. So, I've changed the Forms Parameter on my JSF page to be a Global Forms Parameter, but still it gave me the same error.
THEN, I've noticed the "100"-sqlerror which forms part of the error and realised the SQL query which needs to set the actual Forms Parameter returns 0 rows. Hmmm...that had me thinking for a minute and it suddenly dawned on me; it must be the proxy user authenticating on behalf of the real user who does not have select privileges for the query to execute and return the expected resultset. So, I corrected that and then all was fine in OraFormsFaces JSF land! :-)

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